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We are a FSR Friendly Field !!

( FSR = First Strike Rounds)

Airsports Paintball

Home of the Slims, Stock Classic Series Events

Don't have your own gear No problem we have Full Rental Packages Available

Don't wait in line at the field

Fill out and Print your waivers here

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All Gun Hits Count

NO Automatic Fire






Semi Auto ONLY

Response triggers allowed

Max FPS....285

NO Cheap Non Biodegradable

Paints can be used at Airsports

All paint brought in is subject to drop testing...

We Host (For Groups of 10 - 50  players)

Private Birthday Parties. Corporate and Sports "Team Building" Functions, Bachelor Parties, Youth Groups, Military, Youth Football, Baseball, Soccer, Lacrosse Teams

Spring Hours of Operation:

Sat by Private Party Only !

 Open every Sunday for

Open Play

10:00 Am - 4:00 Pm

Upcoming Events :

Open Play Days

  Open Play is available on any Non Event Sunday So bring your friends and have a ball. Please check the event page for Big Game info and Weekends that might be closed for Open Play....

We are open Saturdays for private Parties, 

During Spring and Summer Games start around 10:00 Am. and last until 4:00 P.m.



whether your a seasoned veteran, weekend warrior, or a first time player airsports has it all.


Established in 1999, Airsports is a complete Paintball Facility for players 10 years and older.

Our three fields, The Village, Speedball Alley, and The Back 40, and with a wide variety of natural terrain features Airsports offers something for everyone

Airsports Paintball is home to some of the Largest and Best Paintball Scenarios in all of Massachusetts....

Such as:

Red Dawn,

The Boston Massacre,

The Raid Mag Fed Scenario,

The Tippmann Rental Classic Tourney,

The Slims Stock Class Game Series,

We also are home to such Charity Fundraisers such as Paintballers for Pitties,

Larry Adams Memorial Game to benefit Muscular Dystrophy.

The Hunt for Lost Vegas